Upcoming Weekly Menus

***These photos are actual meals we prepared and delivered. no fancy photoshop or editing, just our food.***

How it Works

All the meals showcased above belong to our Signature Program, which serves as the foundation for all other Programs.

Each meal is accompanied by a caption detailing its ingredients. If an ingredient is followed by parentheses, it signifies that this ingredient is substituted or excluded to adhere to a different program. For instance, if you encounter "served with sautéed bell peppers (AIP sub roasted carrots)," it indicates that the Autoimmune Program will include carrots instead of bell peppers in the meal.

Here's a legend to help decipher the meal captions: S+G = Signature + Grains, CC = Carb Conscious, AIP = Autoimmune Program, PB = Plant Based, sub = substitute, Ex = exclude.

After subscribing, you'll receive an email to select your preferred meals for the week from our menu. If you opt for a "one-time purchase," we will curate the meals for you automatically. For example, if you purchase three breakfasts, four lunches, and four dinners as a one-time order, you'll receive the first three breakfasts, the first four lunches, and the first four dinners listed.

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