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Elevate Your Life

Curated meals, designed to enhance your well-being from within
The Cura Difference

Real Food, Real Wellness

Gluten-free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, No Refined Sugars, No Seed Oils, No Preservatives or Additives

We are dedicated to serving you meals made with real, unprocessed ingredients to support your overall wellness and nourish your body

Why Cura?

Organic and Nutrient-Rich Produce

We source organic and locally grown produce, ensuring our meals are packed with essential nutrients and vibrant flavors

Real Food, Real Wellness

Gluten-free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, No Refined Sugars, No Seed Oils, No Preservatives or Additives

Hight Qualtity Proteins

Nourish your body with high-quality proteins from trusted sources, including grass-fed, free-range, and wild-caught options handpicked by us

Wellness-Centered Meals

Cura specializes in crafting wellness-centered meals designed to offer a balance of flavors and nutrients, ensuring your overall well-being

Fit your Schedule

Enjoy the flexibility and personalization options we offer, allowing you to pause, modify, or adjust your meal plan according to your preferences

Enhance your well-being with curated meals

Crafted for wellness and designed to nourish, our meals are your key to unlocking a vibrant life filled with energy, vitality, and lasting results


"Cura has completely transformed my well-being. Their meals have boosted my energy, improved my digestion, and I've never felt better. 10/10 Highly recommended!"

"I'm amazed by the positive changes since I started Cura. Their meals are a game-changer, supporting my health goals and helping me achieve results I never thought possible."

"Cura is the secret to supporting my lifestyle. Their meals are delicious, nutritious, and have made a noticeable difference in my energy levels and overall health. I'm hooked!"

Helping you elevate your wellness

Your Cura Team

Hey, you! We started Cura Kitchen based on our belief in the healing power of food, the practice of intuitive eating, and a shared vision: to make real food the bedrock of wellness. We invite you to join us in experiencing the difference that passion, knowledge, and dedication to wholesome ingredients can make in your life. Let us be your guides on a journey toward a healthier, more vibrant you through providing ready-to-eat nourishing meal prep.

Reid & Victoria
Cura Owners


Our chef-curated menu changes weekly, ensuring a variety of flavors and ingredients in your meals. Shortly after you subscribe, we'll send you a menu for meal selection. For one-time purchases, we'll choose the meals for you. Email for any requests – we're here to help!

Based in Arizona, we pride ourselves on offering a selection of locally-sourced and organic produce. Although organic vegetables are our first choice, availability issues may lead us to use non-organic options occasionally.

Our protein selections include grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, and wild-caught fish.

Dedicated to superior quality, our meals are crafted with extra virgin olive and avocado oils, excluding gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugars, additives, and MSG.

Every sauce and seasoning blend we use is created in-house, ensuring peak freshness and flavor in every bite.

We prepare our vegetables using extra virgin olive oil and our proteins with avocado oil. These oils are specifically selected to match the ideal cooking temperatures for each food group, preventing any oil degradation from occurring before they reach their smoke points.

The greater Phoenix area. Heres a full list of our current delivery zip codes:

85392, 85329, 85037, 85353, 85345, 85305, 85380, 85381, 85385, 85303, 85033, 85035, 85308, 85043, 85301, 85311, 85312, 85318, 85302, 85304, 85306, 85031, 85019, 85053, 85051, 85005, 85009, 85017, 85061, 85041, 85045, 85029, 85015, 85027, 85021, 85023, 85007, 85013, 85003, 85070, 85026, 85001, 85002, 85010, 85011, 85030, 85036, 85038, 85046, 85060, 85062, 85063, 85064, 85066, 85067, 85068, 85069, 85071, 85072, 85073, 85074, 85075, 85076, 85078, 85079, 85080, 85082, 85065, 85004, 85012, 85048, 85014, 85022, 85020, 85006, 85024, 85042, 85040, 85016, 85034, 85028, 85032, 85050, 85044, 85008, 85018, 85253, 85254, 85054, 85226, 85283, 85287, 85284, 85282, 85281, 85257, 85251, 85280, 85285, 85250, 85252, 85261, 85267, 85271, 85260, 85258, 85224, 85202, 85248, 85246, 85201, 85210, 85244, 85286, 85225, 85211, 85214, 85216, 85274, 85275, 85277, 85233, 85203, 85299,
85204, 85249, 85213, 85296, 85234, 85295, 85297, 85298, 85206, 85205, 85236, 85127,
85212, 85209, 85208, 85207, 85268, 85395,

Your meals are hand-delivered Tuesday mornings between 7:00AM - 11:00AM to an address thats convenient for you.

Your driver will text you the day before delivery to give you a smaller time window of when to expect your drop-off.

We never add hidden delivery fees - and are proud to offer free delivery valley-wide!

The ordering window closes on Friday at midnight for the following Tuesday's delivery.

We understand nutrition is personal and are able to account for any allergies or dietary preferences in your meals! Make a note when selecting your meal plan and we will do our best to accommodate.

Each lunch and dinner meal will have a handful of protein (4.5 oz) and two handfuls of vegetables. The sample photos above are a good look at the meal sizes.

We know we are more expensive than other meal delivery offerings, but that's for a reason.

We prioritize superior menu items and high-quality ingredients that are better for your health and the environment, but these are more costly.

Additionally, we are committed to providing a living wage to our kitchen staff (starting at $20 per hour) and delivery drivers, which contributes to the overall cost.

"The iron triangle of service: good, fast, cheap - pick two. You can never have all three, as the saying goes"